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Activities on the Ré Island – markets


All an atmosphere you should not miss!

Rétais or not, life on the island would not be the same if markets did not exist

As the markets allows to make purchases, it also allows to stroll among colored displays, to meet people and often end around a table of a nearby coffee.

Their frequency

Some markets operate daily in the morning, and this throughout the year. It is the case in La Flotte, Rivedoux and Sainte Marie.

In all the other villages of the island, they adopt a daily rhythm during the tourist season and some are sometimes nocturnal.

What there is

Oysters and other shellfish, fish, salt, wine or even fruits and seasonal vegetables, in summary all the local food. But also clothes, costume jewelry, decorative objects, articles of beach… Markets are somewhat large surfaces where it is good to walk and where it is possible to find incredible outdoor business!

Each village is home to a particular market

La Flotte, inspired medieval,  market is installed in paved halls and half covered, Ars en Ré market is the most trendy, the one of Bois-Plage is the largest, La Couarde is more for family, to the one in Loix is more intimate… In each market, the atmosphere is different and reflects the soul of the village. it’s by loitering there that you can guess it and enjoy it.

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